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Fruit & Veg Boxes available Monday - Friday for next day pick up from our Wanaka Store

About Us

Our Mission

Freshlink is about supplying wholefoods to our community; foods that are simply, foods. All the products we stock here are carefully considered and censored, ensuring that they do not contain any sulphites, anti-caking agents, artificial stabilizers or preservatives, or refined sugars – if it is not food, it won’t get through our doors. 

We intend to connect our suppliers to our customers by providing products that are as local as possible. We are in awe of the work that each maker, artisan and supplier puts into the product they provide, and are pleased we can share these with the Wānaka community and surrounding areas.

Meet Jesse

Growing up on a remote station in Aotearoa, Jesse Herbert – owner of Freshlink Grocer, has had a strong connection to food since he was a young boy. His family lived off the land they farmed; the milk they drank was raw and used to make their butter, cream and cheese, fermented and preserved food was abundant, vegetables came from their large garden, bread never came in a bag, and Jesse could hang and butcher a sheep by the age of 12. 

By the time he started uni, he had his first food market business plan drawn up and knew exactly what he would be doing for the rest of his life – becoming a grocer. 

An important part of what we do is connecting with and re-introducing the ways in which things used to be done. As Jesse puts it, “almost nothing we do at Freshlink is our own idea or concept – we are simply reconnecting with what our Koro and Kuia used to do – and we are proud of that.”

We aren’t about fad-diets or rules, we are a grocer providing accessible food to anyone and everyone, and we look forward to seeing you in store one day soon, or welcoming you back.